Sir Herbert Leon Celebrates Best GCSE Results for 4 Years

GCSE students at Sir Herbert Leon Academy are celebrating the academy’s best results for 4 years. SHLA has seen improvements in many areas, with English and Maths Basics measure increasing despite the more challenging GCSE courses.  Student Mahima Begum secured an impressive grade 9 in Maths alongside a whole series of top GCSE grades include A grades in History, Science and grades 6 in both English and English Literature.

Other top performing students include Megan Slater who secured grade 7s in English, English Literature and Maths, A* in History, A* in Art, plus As in Core and Additional Science.  Georgina McGowan  secured grade 8s in both English Language and English Literature, A in History, 6 in Maths and 2 grade Bs in sciences and Distinction* in BTEC Media.  Vasiliki Samuels secured A* in History,  a 7 in Maths, Distinction in BTEC Sport, 7 in English, 6 in English Literature, B in Geography,  Bs in Core and Additional Science.


Staff at Sir Herbert Leon Academy are very proud of their students’ results this year. Commenting on the progress SHLA is making, Wendy Ainsworth, Vice Principal, says ‘Our students are amazing. They worked extremely hard, particularly in their final year, and are reaping the rewards. We are delighted that so many of them are staying on to study with us in Sixth Form. These latest improvements show that the academy is getting stronger despite the more challenging qualifications.’