Vision and Priorities for 2016-2017

An Ethic of Excellence

“I want them all to be craftsmen. Some may take a little longer; some may need to use extra strategies and resources. In the end, they need to be proud of their work, and their work needs to be worthy of pride.”  Ron Berger

The vision for the quality of teaching at Sir Herbert Leon Academy is for all students to have access to teaching that is typically good or better, supported by relentlessly high expectations of performance, cooperation and collaboration and underpinned by an ethic of excellence. Students will aspire to excellence through the use of exemplars, clearly modelled by teaching staff and persistently having the opportunity to redraft work. Content and skills will be interleaved to allow the students to achieve mastery which will be demonstrated through their fluency with the material/skills.

An ethic of excellence at Sir Herbert Leon Academy will be achieved through the consistent use of five pedagogical principles:

1.    Assign work that matters

2.    Model excellence at every opportunity

3.    Provide opportunity for regular critique and feedback

4.    Allow revisions

5.    Publicly display and celebrate

SHLA Curriculum