At Sir Herbert Leon Academy we recognise the value of reading.  We actively promote the enjoyment and academic achievement that our students can gain from being confident readers.  We therefore have a layered approach to the teaching of reading skills to ensure that all our students are encouraged, challenged and supported as readers.
 Accelerated Reader:

All our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students have an Accelerated Reader reading book that is an essential piece of their school equipment that they are expected to carry with them.  Students are provided with the time and space to read their book in school.  Within 24 hours of finishing their book a student completes a quiz and can achieve rewards if they are successful.  

 Guided Reading:

Guided reading is an effective strategy that supports students to become even more confident readers.  Students work together in small groups and explore a shared book with the guidance of a member of staff.

 Better Readers:

Better Readers is a strategy that support students to further enhance their reading skills and comprehension.  This is achieved through the opportunity for a student to work with a member of staff 3 times a week for 15 minutes at a time sharing books and developing comprehension and decoding skills. 

Soundswrite is a phonics programme that we use to support students to enhance their decoding skills even further.  Students are taught in small groups by a member of staff who encourages students to segment and blend sounds and to develop strategies to help them to decode new and unfamiliar words.