Home Learning

Why do home learning?

Learning does not stop when children leave lessons.  Home learning helps them to go on learning so that they can do their very best.  It is a key part of helping students to achieve good grades. 

Home learning is work that is set to be done outside of lessons. It helps students to become more independent. It is important in helping them to get higher grades. That’s why we are calling it Takeaway Learning for the students.

Not all home learning is done at home. In fact, some students find it hard to work at home and some tasks may need books, software, and equipment that we have at school.  So students can do home learning in school, out of lessons.  This might be at lunchtime, or after school.  Students can go to the library to work, the IT rooms or to the different faculties.

Home learning enables students to:

  • Build on and extend work covered in class
  • Prepare for lessons that are coming next
  • Use resources from the internet and other software
  • Develop research skills
  • Build up the skills needed to do independent work
  • Gain greater understanding of work done in lessons
  • Enhance study skills e.g. planning, time management and self-discipline
  • Take ownership and responsibility for learning
  • Help parents to support their child’s learning


How can parents help?

Our home learning tasks are posted below.  No student should be without work to do each evening.

Children need a quiet place to work, preferably at a table or a desk.  If you can sit with your child for a bit and ask them about the work they are doing, this will help them a lot.

Expectations of Home learning

  Key Stage 3: 30 minutes – one hour per day, including English, Maths and Science – 30 minutes each per week                                

  Key Stage 4: one to one and a half hours per day, including English, Maths and Science – 60 minutes each per week.   All other subjects – 40 minutes per week. Links to available work can be found here.

  Key Stage 5:  5 hours of independent work per week per subject per week.

Year 7 Home Learning Booklet

Year 8 Home Learning Booklet

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