Learning Leaders

We love to share! You can read termly blogs from the Learning Leaders at https://shlalearningandteaching.wordpress.com/

Learning Leaders are a group of teachers at SHLA who love teaching and learning and are passionate about developing their practice to allow students to achieve their potential. 

Each faculty at our Academy is represented so there is a balanced representation of subjects and skills. We meet each Friday morning, sometimes bring strategies we have seen or used,  
sometimes to listen and 
soak up ideas from other people. We also run termly action research projects which we promote and share with colleagues in our faculties and across the Academy. 

Learning Leaders are asked to have time in faculty meeting agendas each week to raise the profile of learning and teaching. Our faculty representatives are as follows: 

English: Rosie Spence, NQT. 
Maths: Kribashni Govender, Learning and Teaching Lead 
Science: Jenny Houghton, Learning and Teaching Lead 
Humanities: Katherine King, 2nd in Faculty and Jenny Haddock, Associate Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching 
Creative: Hayley Chewter, 2nd in Faculty 
Wellbeing: Chloe Marshall, Google Champion! 
Computing: Sheralee Johnson, Lead Teacher and Kate Hayward-Pretty, Lead Practitioner for Pedagogy 
Business: Jen Siddall, Lead Teacher