Welcome to Sapphire House – House Champions 2016-17

Sapphire house aims to be at the forefront of all activities within the academy working hard to ensure students participate and achieve in the curriculum and extracurricular opportunities. We have a strong group of tutors and support staff all who are keen for the house and students to succeed.

We aspire for every member of Sapphire house, whether student or staff, to be committed to fulfilling his or her potential, both academically and within the whole school community.

Head of House

House Captain

Sarah-Jane Thompson-Donnell – Sarah-Jane is in year 11 and works hard to promote both the ethos of Sapphire along with organising house rep meetings and house teams. She is a visible member of the house team regularly visiting each tutor group.

Vice Captains

I am pleased to announce that we have 3 excellent vice captains this academic year:

Year 11 – Kurt Jackson

Year 10 – Izzy Moore

Year 10 – Dillon Thompson

All will be helping Sarah-Jane ensure that Sapphire are at the forefront of the house system and will be encouraging students to partake in house competitions.

Tutor Reps

This year’s tutor reps are:

7VBO – Grace Hodges

8PHA – Angel Bishop and Pierre Eulenberger

9HCH – Cameron Henderson

10CCO - Izzy Moore and Dillon Thompson

10KTO – Anthony Baverstock

Sapphire House Motto

We aspire for every member of Sapphire house, whether student or staff, to be committed to fulfilling his or her potential, both academically and within the whole school community. That is why we have chosen as our motto


Everyone in the Sapphire House team tries to live up to that bold aim by trying to achieve at every level of the academy community. All students play a big part in running Sapphire House, particularly through our tutor rep and house rep system. The reps are responsible for driving the performance of the House across all areas. As a team they are led by our House captains; Rosie Anderson and Jamie-Lee Hutchings. These two are supported by a team of students from each tutor group.

Sapphire House Charity

Sapphire house will be supporting Willen Hospice a charity close to a number of students and staff. Throughout the year we will raise money through a series of events within school. We are keen to provide a strong link with the Hospice.

This year we raised over £100 in a short time. We will be running a lot more activities to raise money this year.

Sapphire House Song

Our house song will be The Script – Hall of Fame. We believe this encapsulates exactly what our students should believe “You can be the greatest, you can be the best”.


Last academic year 4 students achieved 100% attendance throughout the year:

 - Jaydon Mangan

 - Morgan O'Callaghan

 - Isabelle Moore

 - Tyler Tippins

On another positive Sapphire House lead the House attendance league  and 7PHA won the Attendance Cup.

Keep up the great work.


We firmly believe that a clear, fair, rewards system is at the heart of a good school. We recognise and promote student achievement, contribution and leadership through the six core values of STRIPE: Self-management, Teamwork, Reflective Learning, Independent Learning, Participation and Experimental thinking. These core values will set our students on a path to success, not only in academic life, but in the wider world.

House Achievements


Attendance League -

 Champions league – 2nd 2017

 Premier league – 2nd 2017


Attendance Cup –

 Winners 2017 – 7PHA


Sports Day -

 2017 – 2nd overall

 2017 – Winners afternoon activities

Interhouse Competitions


·        IT Icon Competition Winners

·         Year 8 Spanish Winners

·         Paper Plane Challenge

·         Year 11 Football


·         Football – years 8, 9, 11 and 12

·         Lineball – year 9&10

·         House Logo competition

·         History What if? Competition

·         Spanish – year 7 winners

·         Creative Temple run competition – year 7 winners

·         IT competition – Year 7/8, year 9/10, year 11/12 winners

·         Table Tennis – Year 11 winners

·         Trampolining – Year9/10, Year 11/12 winners

·         Typing Cat challenge – overall winners

·         House copper challenge - Winners