New PE kit for September 2018

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University Application Success

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Congratulations to the following students who have received unconditional university offers:

Josh Ashe - Unconditional offer to study Sports Psychology at Bucks New University
Taylor Brown - Unconditional offer to study Football Studies at Southampton Solent University
Nisa Chowdhury - Unconditional offer to study Law with Criminology at the University of East London
Taylor Currant - Unconditional offer to study English/Creative Writing at Northampton University
Luke Payne - Unconditional offer to study Strength and Conditioning at Plymouth Marjon University
Jade Peck - Unconditional offers to study Applied Zoology and Applied Animal Studies at Moulton College

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Tracey Crouch MP Sports minister visits Sir Herbert Leon

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The MP came for a look at the facilities and chat to our students. She was very impressed with the academy and all of the students who were extremely well behaved, polite and engaging with Tracey when she spoken to them.

Sir Herbert Leon Students Get Involved in a Driverless Future

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Sir Herbert Leon students saw into the future during a visit to Catapult Transport systems in Milton Keynes to experience what the future holds in terms of Intelligent Mobility. The aim of the event was to inspire students to take STEM subjects at GCSE and it certainly inspired the students involved.

Catapult Transport Systems is one of 11 research and innovation centres set up by the government. They work with the government, industry and universities to enable the modernisation of transport, with the intention is to make the UK a global leader in the industry and grow jobs and companies in this field.

Throughout the day students were able to meet the programme director and take part in a variety of interactive events while competing to win an overall prize.

The students were able to find out about driver-less cars, the prototypes of which were driven round Milton Keynes recently. They learned how they worked and saw them in action and had first-hand experience of virtual reality systems. In addition they got involved in thinking and planning how transportation works in the future.

At the end of the day, students were able to meet several members of the development team and ask questions around their roles and qualifications.

The day was rounded off with a prize giving. Marks were given on students’ performance in each workshop along with answering a quiz. Sir Herbert Leon students demonstrated their understanding well and thoroughly deserved to win the first prize of a model of the driver-less pods presented by the CEO of the company.

Grapevine Issue 41 December 2016

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STEM not a Bridge too far for our students

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On Thursday 8th November,  a large group of year 8 and 9 students selected from the Most Able program were treated to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) day run by graduate trainee engineers from Network Rail.  During the day the students worked in teams of six to complete two challenges.  They were asked to build a bridge to span a 90cm gap out of a few basic resources, and in the afternoon they used Lego to create a mechanism for a level crossing gate.  The students worked brilliantly and the best bridge in the morning was so strong that the team running the day did not have enough weight to break it!  They told us that this was the strongest bridge any group of students had built in the schools they had visited.  Our students were really enthusiastic about the different challenges and the day helped our more able group of students to build their problem-solving and team work skills as well as to learn about the kind of work that engineers can do.

The winning team on the day has been invited to a special trip out to Network Rail’s headquarters at the Quadrant in Central Milton Keynes.

"I really enjoyed the STEM day on Thursday 8th November as I learnt a lot about what Network Rail does.  I found it really fun when we had to make the strongest bridge because I worked with people I wouldn’t normally work with.  When we were building the level crossing, I enjoyed how we all had different roles that we had to stick to.  For example, I was the project manager and I had to overlook the whole group and how we were working together."

Alexis Coveney   Year 9

Spotacular day at Sir Herbert Leon Academy

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Students from Sir Herbert Leon had a busy day this Friday raising money for Children in Need. Hundreds of ‘spotty students’ threw themselves into a variety of activities to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.  A penalty shoot-out tournament with some mystery guest goalkeepers proved to be popular, as did the Rice Krispie cake making, Building Block Challenge and guess the number of sweets in a jar competition.

Milton Keynes Schools Parliamentary debate success for St. Paul’s Catholic School and Sir Herbert Leon Academy

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“Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument” said the Nobel Peace Prize winning Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Mahatma Gandhi claimed “an honest disagreement is often a sign of progress.” 

Many of the world’s great leaders know the value of debating and reasoned argument. Schools are a natural home for debate and as such, it was Sir Herbert Leon Academy that was chosen to host the quarter finals of the MK schools parliamentary debate competition after being successful in the first round. The evening, which was hosted by Iain Stewart MP, was a great success, with high quality debates on challenging topics such as: The expansion of Heathrow Airport and the need for anonymity to be granted those accused of sexual crimes until they are formally charged.

Congratulations to all contestants on the evening, with St.Paul’s Catholic school and Sir Herbert Leon Academy moving on to face each other in the semi-finals of the competition. With the chance to debate in the Houses of Parliament awaiting the winner of the semi-final, the competition is expected to be fierce.

Dr. Jo Trevenna, the Principal of Sir Herbert Leon school added: 

“It is important for us to inspire, motivate and challenge our students to become the future decision makers of this country. The MK Schools Parliamentary debating competition provides a wonderful platform for young people to have their voice heard.”

Uniform update

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