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Moving the Academy Forward to Help Ensure Our Students’ Success

posted 1 Oct 2015, 02:21 by Web Admin   [ updated 1 Oct 2015, 02:21 ]

We are making some significant changes to the school day and the school curriculum to promote and support the achievement of our students. We are very aware that the Academy has already been through significant change over the past three years – however we need to ensure that we are getting the basics right, such as: having the best teachers, having the right curriculum and having the right levels of support.


·         We are changing how we use the school day. We have been operating on a 6 x 50 minute lesson structure. However, after half-term, we are moving to 5 x 60 minute lesson structure. This means that students won’t lose valuable lesson time during lesson change overs and they will benefit from more in-depth study. There will be no changes to the Academy’s start and end time of day.

·         We are changing from having a two-year KS4 to a three-year KS4. This means that students can focus on subjects they want to study in depth at the start of Year 9 rather than waiting for another year to begin their GCSE/BTEC programme.

·         Year 9 – students are currently undertaking a ‘Guided Choices’ programme to support their choice of option subjects for KS4. We have changed our curriculum structure so that instead of students taking three Options subjects, students will take two Options subjects but have more lessons per week over three years instead of two to maximise their achievement.

·         Year 10 – students are currently streamlining their Option choices so that they reduce the number of subjects taken. This will enable in-depth focus and promote achievement whilst still enjoying a breadth of study.

·         Year 11 – students will no longer all take Global Education but will be given the opportunity to study Philosophy & Ethics to GCSE instead of an Options subject. This enables students to take ownership over their own learning.


These changes will come into force for after half term with new timetable in place for Monday 2nd November. All parents/carers have been written to and advised of these changes and opportunities have been given to feedback any concerns or comments.

All of these changes are informed by our drive to improve student outcomes at all levels.


Dr Jo Trevenna

Head of School