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Information for Parents

Your child will receive information about careers during their time at Sir Herbert Leon Academy.  We will provide opportunities for them to develop life skills and core competencies that employers value, by enabling them to take part in employment and enterprise events. 

How can you help your child with careers and employability?  There is so much you can do to support your son or daughter:

·         Show a genuine interest!  Talk to them regularly about their ideas for the future and ask them what they see themselves doing

·         Talk to them about what you do as a job – and other job roles you have had

·         Ask your employer if they would allow you to bring your child to work one day (during school holidays)

·         In Year 10/11/12 look on the local college and 6th form websites with them, to see what courses are available (please see links in the useful links section below)

  • Help them to explore the possible employers, apprenticeship providers and further education courses available in the local area. You should be able to find lots of useful information on these things on the website of Milton Keynes Council (again please see link below)
  • Keep an eye out for things like Open Days (at colleges and training organisations) and careers fairs held locally (note – how will this be communicated to parents?)
  • Help them to understand the alternative post-16 options.  Find out more about apprenticeships here:
  • Encourage them to participate in out of school activities. These are valuable in themselves and will help greatly later on in giving a good impression to people like employers or course tutors

·         In year 8, talk to your son/daughter about their options and what these choices may lead to.  If you need help with supporting your child to make Year 8 options choices, use this link:

·         Remember! You can speak to me (or encourage your son/daughter to see me in school) if you need support – my contact details are below.

·         Check out the school newsletter for details of activities we are running in school