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In order to prepare our students for their next step, focus on providing opportunities for them to develop employability and life skills, such as confidence, creativity and communication skills.  Draw students’ attention to the skills they are acquiring and record them. Wherever possible, make links with employment.  

If you want to extend your students’ learning outside of the classroom, in order to help them to understand what the true purpose of their learning is (not just to pass exams!) whilst developing their employability skills, please speak to me.

I can access external people from a range of sectors who can come into your lessons and work with students on real life projects which can link in to national curriculum learning outcomes. 

Come and talk to me in school or drop me an email to discuss how we can work together.

Helen Jones, Careers and Guidance Advisor / Work Experience Co-ordinator  01908 624 720 ext. 240 / 07789 875 003