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Emerald House

Emerald House

Welcome to Emerald House. Since starting the house system there has been a real lift of positivity in our young people. The sense of community around the academy has been strengthened through the introduction of the house system. Emerald house, formed from pupils and staff have been working hard to raise participation in competitions across the whole curriculum and extracurricular opportunities.

We have an excellent group of young people in Emerald house, our staff, house and form captains will be working hard over the next half term to increase awareness. Especially to ignite the interest of our September 2017 year 7 pupils.

Contact Details

Head of House

Miss C Marshall -

House Captain

Denis Enyo Banini – Dennis is in year 11, he is looked up to by the younger years and is keen to take on the role this year. He is a great ambassador for the academy and I look forward to working with him this year. He will be visiting tutor times and assemblies as well as recruiting pupils for house competitions.

Emerald House Motto and ethos

Linking to the theme of the wizard of Oz we have formed an ethos of courage and perseverance. We hope to instil the ‘I can do’ attitude by having the following motto to accompany us:

"Courage Doesn’t Always Roar"

Full quote; "Courage doesn’t always roar, Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow."

Our mascot is therefore the Lion, named by our house captains as Leon the Lion.

Emerald House Song

Our theme tune has changed this year. A school in London Haringey decided to release a song following difficult times for their community in 2012. They released a single called "Everybody Dreams". They share a spirit that is seen in our pupils and community and the lyrics and meaning holds true for what we want our pupils to believe about their future. Not only within the house system but across the academy; all we want for our pupils is to realise their dreams and let us help and support them to aspire to reach them.

Since working at the academy I have realised every year more and more about how lucky we are to work with the pupils of this community. They are kind, honest and strong minded, we need to embrace what they can offer, Emerald house believes in every single house member.

Emerald House Charity

Emerald house will be supporting the British heart foundation, a charity close to a number of students and staff. Throughout the year we will raise money through a series of events within school. We are keen to provide a strong link with the foundation. We will start off by hosting our annual CPR workshop raising awareness for life saving skills.


Last academic year 7 students achieved 100% attendance throughout the year, well done to…

Denis Enyo Banini
Joshua Bidmead
Tommy Coveney
Jeffrey Duncan
Adam Lewis
Jack Sharp
Scarlett Tippins

This year we are launching our #190 attendance targets 190 being the amount of school days in the year. It also give pupils rewards to target towards; even if they have missed the 100% achievement they can still aim to the other 5 stages of rewards through half termly 100% attendance.


VIVO is the reward system for SHLA, each student can earn these during lessons under our STRIPE categories.

Last half term Emerald students had proved very successful in receiving rewards.

Last Academic year our top VIVO earner was – Shanade Wilson

House Achievements

Attendance League -  

Champions league – 4th Place 2017

Premier league – 4th Place 2017

Attendance Cup –  4th Place

Sports Day –

                                    2017 – 1st Overall

Inter-house Competitions

2016/2017 successes:

                                    VIVOs - overall winners

                                    Maths Challenges - 1st Place, Year 7 and 8

                                    PE Golf Challenge - 1st Place, Year 10

                                    Creative Treasure Hunt - 2nd Place

                                    History Bridge Building - Joint 1st Place

                                    Tablet Tennis - 1st Place, Year 7 and 8

                                    Build a Rocket - 1st Place

                                    Science Slime - 1st Place, Year 7 and 8

                                    Football - 1st Place, Year 7 and 10