All of our students will experience passion, ambition and a love of learning in every aspect of their school life. As a smaller secondary school we are a close knit community and your child will be known as an individual where we can help them enjoy school and shape their future in a bespoke way.  Our curriculum opens doors and develops opportunities as children become equipped for the wider world and learn to be inclusive world citizens. Our lesson synthesis is the foundation of every lesson and we wholly believe in celebrating effort and achievement every step of the way. Teachers will craft intellectually demanding sequences of lessons that meet students with high expectations; sequencing learning for long-term retention and depth of understanding.  As expert teachers in their subject plan, shape and develop their curriculum, students will develop a deep, working knowledge and a curiosity to know more.  Students will learn how to be unashamedly academic, courageous and giving and this will be fostered beyond the curriculum.  Students will have a  focus on the progress they are making in terms of knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more; in terms of disciplinary and substantive knowledge.

Learning Journeys

Curriculum Overviews