General Information

Exam entries are made in early Spring. Our assumption will always be that students will complete the necessary work in order to get the best possible outcome in each Exam, therefore students are entered for all of the exams for subjects that they are studying. If a student fails to attend the exam or fails to fulfil the pre-exam criteria we may ask for payment of the exam fee.

After entries are made students will receive a copy of their Statement of Entry - Students need to check this to make sure they are entered for all of the exams that they were expecting - and the correct tier were appropriate.

Morning exams are generally scheduled to start at 9AM, and afternoon ones at 1PM - these are generally the start times and there may be the odd occasion a longer exam needs a slightly different time. Students who arrive late may not be allowed to sit the exam due to JCQ regulations, and parent/carers may be charged the fee. If there are clashes, one (or more) of the start times may change and a new statement of entry will be issued.

If a student is unable to attend an exam it is important to inform the school as soon as possible. In the event of ill health you will be required to provide us with a doctor's medical note. This will allow us to ask for dispensation with the Exam Board and your child may not fail the exam.

Helpful Guides

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