SHLA Students Celebrate Best Results for Three Years!

Sir Herbert Leon Academy students are celebrating the best Year 11 results for three years. The number of students achieving C grades in both English and Maths GCSE (Basics Measure) has doubled and our vocational results have increased significantly.

Our highest performing Year 11 students were  Raihaan Ali who secured 6 A*s, 3 As and 1 B grade,  Cameron Sinclair who secured 2 A*, 2 As and 6 B grades, Rahima Hussain who secured 4 As, 5 Bs and 1 C grade and Dorina Csorba who gained 2 A*s, 3 As and 4 Bs. We wish all of these students great success in their Post-16 studies.

Principal, Dr Jo Trevenna, says “After a period of change and instability, Sir Herbert Leon Academy has made significant improvements this year. I am very proud of our students and staff – this is a wonderful school community. Whilst we still have a lot to do, I am delighted to say that Leon is getting back to its best.”


Post-16 students at Sir Herbert Leon Academy have secured some outstanding results this summer.  The

vocational programme continues to flourish with students studying on the Level 3 BTEC Performing Arts, BTEC Media, BTEC Sport and BTEC ICT programmes achieving incredible results.


One of our top performing students, Bryony Jones, secured triple Distinction* in Sport and is moving on to study Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Bedfordshire.  Other vocational successes include Zoe Ashe who secured a double Distinction* and Distinction in Performing Arts and Gulum Kibria who secured a triple Distinction* in ICT. These students have worked extremely hard to secure these highest possible grades.

We are also proud to say that our fledgling A level cohort have secured some excellent grades with Michal Mazur achieving an A grade in A Level Polish, Maria Giaso securing an A grade in A Level Greek, Anna Loftus securing a B in French and Sola Hamza achieving a B in Sociology. As the cohort grows, we will see more and more students achieving these top grades.

Many of our Year 13 cohort have secured places at various universities around the country. Commenting on their successes, Director of Post-16, Faye Causer, says ‘I am extremely pleased with the efforts and the commitment shown by the students. They all have bright futures ahead and I wish them the very best of luck.’


Earn your STRIPE
 STRIPE logo
We firmly believe that a clear, fair, rewards system is at the heart of a good school. We recognise and promote student achievement, contribution and leadership through the six core values of STRIPE: Self-management, Teamwork, Reflective Learning, Independent Learning, Participation and Experimental thinking. These core values will set our students on a path to success, not only in academic life, but in the wider world. Staff will be looking to award Vivo points to students who are demonstrating these core values in and outside of lessons.

In each year group, students are encouraged to earn a set tariff of Vivos in each skill area. Vivos can be earned by students in a variety of ways both in and out of lessons. Once students have achieved the tariff in every section, they can use their Vivo points to purchase their STRIPE, which will be in the form of a school tie with either a bronze, silver or gold stripe. At the end of each term, students will also be able to use their Vivos to enter raffles to go on year group trips, which will run every six weeks. Finally, students can choose to collect their Vivo points over the longer term and cash them in for a variety of items including iPhones!

  Welcome to the Sir Herbert Leon Academy

Principal’s Welcome

Sir Herbert Leon Academy is a well-established community school which has made significant improvements since September to enable our students to achieve.  Progress is happening at all levels from the completion of our prestigious 3G Astroturf, which provides our students with exceptional training facilities, to major re-structuring of school systems and structures.

This year we have changed the structure of the school day, going from a six lesson day of 50 minutes to a five lesson day of 60 minutes, to improve depth of understanding and subject mastery. In addition, we moved from a two-week to a one-week timetable for consistency and we streamlined the curriculum. All of these changes will have major impact on the outcomes for our learners over the next few years. The responsibilities of our Senior Leadership team have been changed to match the needs to the Academy going forward and we have made key appointments for September. I am delighted that proven and experienced teachers, who put children first, are joining us and recognise that this is the school for them. The quality of learning in our classrooms continues to improve and maximising student learning time is our priority.

In our restructuring, we have built on the levels of pastoral support we offer students. The combination of higher expectations of student work and behaviour, together with increased support mechanisms, reinstates that we are a school that cares about its students above and beyond their grades.

Our community is increasingly proud of its school and this will continue to develop and strengthen as the changes we have made become fully embedded. An environment of mutual respect and collaboration between school, home and student will ensure that our children benefit and leave us ready for the next stage of their lives.

Dr. Jo Trevenna

Dr. Jo Trevenna

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