Our Values

A community that is unashamedly academic, courageous, and giving.

A badge showing a graduation cap above an open book.

Unashamedly Academic

We discover what is possible.

We question what exists and look for meaning.

We seek to acquire the knowledge and skills to create eureka moments.

A badge showing a man jumping between two ledges.


We are unusually brave. 

We are not afraid to challenge wrongs and make the right call.

We push the limits.

We don’t settle for less than excellence.

We strive for our personal best.

A badge showing two hands and a heart in between them.


We are big hearted.

We choose to treat each other with kindness, warmth and care.

We recognise the value of others, inspiring each other to be better.

We look for ways to benefit society as ‘World Citizens’.

Our Expectations

Our Expectations include: Green attendance (96% or above) No exclusions 4 or less full days in the base No incidents of physical violence  No incidents of bullying or discrimination Positive Net Points

Our Home School Agreement

Home will:

Students will:

The Academy will: