Research has shown that homework for secondary school students has a positive effective size of 0.64 (Hattie, 2021). To put this into context, an effect size of 0.5 is the equivalent to a one grade improvement at GCSE or A-Level. Research has also shown that the highest effect sizes for homework are associated with the practice or rehearsal of previously learnt subject matter, and that short, frequent and closely monitored homework is more effective than extended pieces of homework.

Homework is predominantly set on Seneca Learning which all children have access to. While teachers do set specific tasks to boost progress recorded in children's planners, all children can access this site at any time and select areas of their curriculum to work on. It gives immediate feedback. The library is open before and after school should children need a space to do this.

Children in Years 7-9 have an Accelerated Reader reading book at their personal reading level, so reading of this at home is strongly encouraged. 

In KS4 homework often takes the form of learning key information, committing it to memory and revising for assessments and tests. 

Positive points are issued for homework submission.