Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

N. Jiwa - Executive Principal

E. Jordan - Principal

HJ. Holmes - Vice Principal (English Teacher)

J. Lynes - Vice Principal (History Teacher)

P. Read - Assistant Principal (Science and PSHE Teacher)

C. Cockley - Assistant Principal (PE, Health and Social Care, and PSHE Teacher)

R. Parker - Assistant Principal (PSHE Teacher)

R. Brooks - Assistant Principal (DSL and PSHE Teacher)

N. Wong - Director of SEND / SENDCo

English and Languages

N. Holmes - Director of English and Languages

P. Sidhu - English Teacher

I. Ocampo - English Teacher

B. Diver - English Teacher

P. Beadle - English Teacher

H. Ahmed - English Teacher

S. Pitigala - English Teacher

HJ. Holmes - English Teacher

R. Mattis - Spanish Teacher

Maths and Business

C. Thomas - Director of Maths and Business

E. Newman - Deputy Director of Maths and Busniess

C. Ruziwa - Maths Teacher

A. Talib - Maths Teacher

E. Green - Maths Teacher

R. Regede - Maths Teacher

P. Shakesby - Maths Teacher

N. Wong - Business Teacher

Science and Computer Science

E. Carron - Director of Science and Computer Science

A. Lokoto - Deputy Director of Science and Computer Science

E. Barrington - Science Teacher

A. Hassan - Science Teacher

P. Read - Science and PSHE Teacher

S. Choudhury - Computer Studies Teacher

A. Baig - Science and Computer Studies Teacher

Arts and Sports

V. Bowman - Director of Arts and Sports

J. Lambert - Deputy Director of Arts and Sports

O. McHugh - PE Teacher

G. Earl - PE and Science Teacher

Charley Cockley - PE, Health and Social Care, and PSHE Teacher

S. Shah - Art Teacher

J.  Copson - DT Teacher


D. Rowland - Director of Humanities

T. Henderson - Deputy Director of Humanities

H. Murray - Humanities Teacher

M. Walters - Humanities Teacher

S. Harris - History Teacher

J. Lynes - History Teacher

R. Parker - PSHE Teacher

R. Brooks - PSHE Teacher

S. Amin - PSHE and RE Teacher

Pastoral Team

J. Whittaker - Pastoral Lead

J. Parr - Pastoral Lead

J. Awoyemi - KS4 Co-ordinator

E. Hale - KS3 Co-ordinator

S. Weston - School Counsellor

K. Simpson- Attendance and Family Support Worker

Support Staff

S. Marshall - Office Manager

C. Finch - Data & MIS Manager

M. Eldridge - Library Manager

A. Lopes - Examinations Officer

A. Tanveer - Attendance Officer