House System

House Competitions - Term 5

All house competitions run at lunchtime (1.30pm - 1.55pm)

House Points

The Amber House logo showing an amber crystal glistening with a sun behind it.

Amber House

Head of House: J. Lambert

"Together we will be brave and courageous"

As Head of Amber House, I am extremely proud, passionate and excited by what the future holds for our young people. The ability to work as an effective team is something of which we all need to work towards, wherever our career paths take us. In representing Amber House, students will also be passionate & proud, no matter what the field of competition. As Head of Physical Education, I believe Sport to be at the very top end of priorities in all that we do; the skills learnt through competitive competition are transferable across all other aspects of the curriculum in which you study. It is my goal to achieve every success with you. Whilst developing a strong morale throughout Amber House, we will also work together in creating exemplary social skills for all individuals of which will aid students in achieving their every potential.

Students in Amber House will work together in replicating their House Motto. The ability to work together at all times is a skill transferable into all that students do at present, during their school day. In addition, it is a skill required in students’ future lives, whatever their chosen career pathway. Students in Amber House will be brave at all times - students will step outside of their comfort zones in a bid to succeed as individuals & as a team, whilst contributing towards their House. Students in Amber House will become leaders in all that they do. Through working together, students will look to form formidable communication skills as they all aspire to be leaders within their House.

House Sport sees chosen students represent their House during competitive Sport; students who are both committed and loyal with a huge passion to succeed. As a House we have a proven track record of success - we work together as a collective team with our overall ambition being, to be the best we can be. In addition to that, the newly formed House Games sees each & every student within the academy represent their House during House Games at the end of every half term.

As House Champions for the past two academic years, Amber House students must continue to work hard in order to replicate these past successes. A huge well done to all students in Amber House who have worked tremendously hard and given their all to their House.

We are Amber House.

The Amber House logo showing an emerald crystal with trees on top of it.

Emerald House

Head of House: C. Marshall

"True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid"

As Head of Emerald House, I endeavour for all students to be unusually brave. All students in Emerald house will be part of an inclusive, courageous community. I strongly believe that House sport is at the core of our students' school experience. Emerald House students not only have passion to succeed but they help and inspire others to reach their full potential.

I am the founding Head of Emerald house, having worked at the Academy for 8 years. The question I ask myself every day is what difference can I make? The life skills that Emerald House students develop through competing in House sport will be crucial to future and career success. Emerald House students will be able to lead and collaborate. They will have the resilience to reflect and try again.

I would like to personally thank all of our house representatives for pushing the limits. We have consistently secured the top positions in the house leaderboard for the past 5 years. We are the only house to Win all Sports days. This is a testament to the outstanding leadership of our house representatives. Well done.  Our year group representatives and house captains have led their teams, ensured high participation and motivated them to succeed.

Thank you to all students who have participated in House Sport and Games. Our house system is fully inclusive which means you all represent your House each half term. Those who go above and beyond have committed to house sport competitions during their lunch times. Our motto emanates the personal attributes you have all shown this year; resilience, perseverance and courage.

Great commitment by all. 2022/23 is our year to shine!

Thank you, Emerald House - you truly are remarkable!

The Ruby House logo showing a ruby crystal with a flame behind it.

Ruby House

Head of House: G. Earl

"Together we achieve the extraordinary"

As Head of Ruby House, I am constantly inspired, honoured and in awe by this incredible community. All students in Ruby House follow our motto of ‘Together, we can achieve the extraordinary’ and by doing this we as a house have high aspirations for what we can achieve. We have all the key qualities and attributes required in order to succeed; passion, bravery, teamwork and resilience.

Having re-taken the role after my short absence, it is great to see that the house has continued to flourish since I first took the role back in 2018. The role is an important part of my job and a role that I love to do. The role to inspire, work as part of a community and to lead this wonderful house is a true honour to have. The students are a credit to the school and we together connect and create a fantastic atmosphere. By taking part in house competitions and fundraising events a house system will allow students to develop an identity, collaboration, leadership and responsibility skills, while fostering friendly competitive spirit along the way.

All students in Ruby house will have the opportunity to take part in house competitions whether it is a football, poetry, science or badminton activity, all students will have the opportunity to shine. By taking part, students will develop transferable skills; social and communication skills, commitment and dedication to their peers and house that are applicable and relevant to the wider curriculum and future careers.

This year I am determined more than ever to lead Ruby to the top positions of the leaderboard with a strong start to the year, I am sure we can keep up momentum and together, we will achieve the extraordinary. I am positive that our incredible house captain, vice captains and year group leaders can organise and inspire the rest of the house to make that happen. Let’s go and win ourselves a title Ruby House!

The Sapphire House logo showing a sapphire crystal with ocean waves behind it.

Sapphire House

Head of House: O. McHugh

"Together we achieve greatness through strength and teamwork"

As Head of Sapphire House, I am continuously proud of all students within Sapphire House. Students representing Sapphire House will strive to find their own remarkable and to become a pivotal part of the school community. I am extremely keen to take the House from strength to strength, driving students forwards in all that they do throughout the school day.

Students representing Sapphire House will show their bravery and pride when representing the House in day-to-day school life and whilst in competitive competitions. All young people will have the opportunity to represent Sapphire House through House Sport, Academic competition and whilst out in the school community. This will help develop students’ leadership, communication & teamwork - student will have a sense of pride and belonging within both our House and overall school community.

As a House, we will aim high this year and next, continuously seeking improvements in all that we do - lets work our way up the leaderboard, together! I wish for all students in Sapphire House to continue to take part, to continue to feel proud and together, achieve the very best.

Together we achieve greatness through strength and teamwork.