Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome from the Principal

A photo of the principal smiling.

Emma Jordan


We are a community that is unashamedly academic, courageous and giving and this applies to staff. students and family. This means that we have high expectations in all we do and don't apologise for this. 

As we move forward we are committed to giving all of our students the best learning experiences possible and to improving their life chances. We aim to enable students to see the bigger picture; to connect them to their learning and the world around them. It is important that we all recognise the part we will play in the future of society and so we encourage students to develop leadership skills and a positive voice that allows them to look to what they can achieve.

At Sir Herbert Leon Academy we recognise the important part that parents and community play in a child's education and we intend to work to strengthen these relationships to support each and every child. As part of our development to make sure all students are 'giving' we want to make sure our students can demonstrate sympathy and empathy when appropriate and recognised the consequences their choices have on themselves and others. We ensure our students can think for themselves and about others, can challenge themselves and make good judgments, can believe in themselves and recognise their own capacity to realise their ambitions. 

I am excited to have joined the Academy at this important stage in their journey to excellence for students, staff and families.